The ethereal claymore of heavenly light (holy)

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the ethereal claymore of heavenly light (holy)
This weapon is a miraculous display of faith at its purest. It is simply a shimmering sunray made holy the Seraphim's touch. As your eyes get used to its brightness, you actually can make up the shape of a sword. It is notable, that no matter how you hold the blade, it doesn't feel sharp at all, its powers simply lie elsewhere.
Weapon type: claymore
Stats: +psi damage, +sheds light
It looks very light weight (0.005 kg)
Sacvalue: 200k
It is called 'the ethereal claymore', 'ethereal claymore', 'claymore of heavenly light', 'the claymore of light', 'claymore' and 'relic'
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: enchanted air
Size: smallish
Quality: great
Other info: relic