The protectors

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The protectors <white/blue glow>
The protectors are crafted of the very finest of materials. A material that looks sturdy as highsteel, yet fragile as glass. A material that looks hard as diamond, yet soft as silk. A material that looks earthly as stone, yet divine as the sky itself. There's something about the material that just doesn't seem right, it's almost like it would be alive, like it had a will of its own. The protectors are formed like sturdy bracelets almost covering parts of your arms. There's alot of text written along the edges of them.
Armour type: Missing type
Stats: tunable +general protection +avoid / +max spr, tunable slot (arms/bracelets/legs), +invoke wizard eye special
It looks Missing weight category (2.160 kg)
Sacvalue: Missing sacvalue
It is called protectors and identified as 'the protectors', 'bracelets', 'leggings' and 'bracers'.
It takes the following slot: tunable to arms, bracelets or legs
Made of: laen
Size: Missing size
Quality: divine
From: Gauntlet event
Other info: The text reads:

'For the courage to compete, the will to last and the mind and ability to win, we, the Gods of the pantheon, have made this little.. thing for you. Godspeed and good luck to you.'There's something scribbled below the main text too, it reads:'You can think about what you want and the protectors will try to fulfill your wishes. We didn't have time to train it fully, but you should be able to 'think' about battle or magic at least. Yeah, they can change form as well, just 'think' about where you want them, arms, wrists and legs should work at least. If necessary, 'think' about something _for_ this item. By now you should also be able to 'sense' your surroundings with them.