The shield of Igor Twinbeard, master of anvil and hammer (rare)

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the shield of Igor Twinbeard, master of anvil and hammer (rare)
This shield has been forged by one of the legendary dwarven masters of hammer.

It must have been made as a gift or a token of peace, because it is shaped for a much larger wearer than a dwarf. It is decorated with some of the most precious stones and finest ornaments. The main honor illustrates a huge dragon slain by adventurers. It has very well balanced handle which gives you a very tight grip.

Shield type: Medium shield
Stats: +1-6 str (or possibly more, different versions), +specials
It looks A bit heavy (4.00 kg)
Sacvalue: 24750
It is called shield of Igor Twinbeard and identified as 'medium', 'shield' and 'shield of igor twinbeard'.
Made of: durandium
Size: somewhat small
Quality: shoddy
From: Tiamat, Nocilis Valley
Other info: It is the best (gettable) shield for protection against critical hits in game. It is also said to protect your gear against damage.