The shimmering sword of justice

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Missing description
It contains a tale;
The God of goodness wanted to give his loyal servant Eidilon something special as a reward for his well done work against evilness. This sword was the reward Eidilon got from his master. At first Eidilon couldn't control the mighty powers of this sword but during the battles against evil demons he found out the secrets of it. Those few evil minions who have survived of the battle against Eidilon have told that the sword glows so brightly that it hurts to look at it. When Eidilon has hold the sword the powers of the sword have made him almost invulnerable to their attacks and sometimes he pointed the sword at them to ensure his victory. After the battle Eidilon used the sword to purify the corpses and after that the sword glowed even more brightly.
Weapon type: longsword
Stats: +damage vs. evil align foes, +good align wield only.
It looks Light weight (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: 877k
It is called 'sword of justice', 'justice', 'shimmering sword of justice', 'sword' and 'longsword'
Made of mithril
Size: somewhat small
Quality: Missing quality
From: Eidilon, Ancient temple of Gods
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown