The snow white Blade of Quickness

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the snow white Blade of Quickness <red glow>
The blade is straight and flawless and it compares to small human in length. The sharp edge feels like it would cut the air itself. Ancient smiths, unconquerable in skill, had the ways to make metal turn brilliantly white. White as snow in the brightest sunlight, but still strong as the dwarven iron of the old. The handle is beautifully decorated with engravings. The sheath is made of pure silver and it supports your fencing hand well.
It contains a tale;
              Like a lightning
              ..through the fightning
                ..rapid like a chord
                  ..strikes the sword
              Unbelievable in speed
      severe, so greed
                 ..slashes like lightness
                   ..the blade of quickness
Weapon type: claymore
Stats: +fast meta, +avoid, +fire damage
It looks Very heavy (10.003 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.68m
It is called snow white blade and identified as 'blade of quickness', 'quickness', 'blade', 'white blade', 'snow white blade', 'the snow white blade of quickness' and 'claymore'.
Made of Missing material
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Kitiara, Flying Citadel
Compares between: Malady blade and Orc-tongue/Troll-tongue
Other info: New version. For old one, see Blunt blade of Quickness.