The steel gauntlets of damnation

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the steel gauntlets of damnation <red glow>
The gauntlets are of the finest black steel. From the middle of their backs small bone imprints stretch out to each fingers. On the inner side of the left gauntlet it reads 'OX', and on the right 'TOTH'. These gauntlets were made by evil for evil.
It contains a tale;
Lear Rotth never used these gauntlets without purpose. They were the key one needed to enter the portal. The portal which would unite him with Oxtoth.
Armour type: gauntlets
Stats: +7% quick chant, +acid resist, +extra ticks (gives little age on each tick), +foolproof heavy weight & evil wear only
It looks Light weight (1.8 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.11m
It is called gauntlets and identified as 'the steel gauntlets of damnation', 'steel gauntlets of damnation', 'steel gauntlets', 'gauntlets of damnation' and 'gauntlets'
It takes the following slots: Hand & Hand
Made of: steel
Size: very small
Quality: exceptional
From: Lear Rotth, Caverns of Chaos
Other info: From identify:

The gauntlets would lie heavily upon your soul.
The gauntlets would protect you against teleportation.