The sword of the clan Amberley (blessed)

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This is the legendary sword that has belonged to the clan Amberley for millennias. It's rumoured that the gods themselves created this sword out of hundreds of the finest souls. One thing is for sure though, the sword you're looking at is not just any sword, there's something very special about it, something that no one will probably ever figure out. There seems to be something moving inside the blade of the sword, it seems alive somehow.
Weapon type: 2h sword
Stats: +acid damage
It looks Heavy (4.589 kg)
Sacvalue: 1600k
It is called sword and identified as 'blessed sword', 'amberley sword', 'the sword of the clan amberley', '2h' and 'sword'
Made of laen
Size: medium-sized
Quality: great
From: Henry Amberley, Brimshire
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown