The war mattock of the ogre king

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the war mattock of the ogre king <red glow>
Commonly mattocks are used as tools, but this particular mattock has been made for war. It's haft is long enough to give a momentum in combat and the doubled-edged blade of the war mattock has been sharpened to cut through bone. It is difficult to deflect blows with such a weapon, but what it lacks in defense, it has many other qualities that compensate in ferocity. It is surrounded by a red glow.

It contains a tale The famous war mattock that was wielded by Karul, the ogre king, during the early tribal wars. The history tells that when Skeren the Scrawny himself slew the renowned ogre king, the war between Skeren and Karul's tribes ended the same day. The war mattock itself was taken by Skeren, but for many years the historians have widely believed that the weapon would have been lost forever.

Weapon type: War mattock
Stats: +greatly str -vastly int +poison damage
It looks Very heavy (10,20 kg)
Sacvalue: 1227600
It is called It is called war mattock and identified as 'war mattock', 'mattock'
Made of molybdenum
Size: smallish
Quality: exceptional
From: Missing where from gained
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown