Thick black tome with a spider on the cover

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This tome is covered in thick, black-dyed leather and stamped with a picture of a spider, in green. The edges are cut with many small slits to make it look serrated. Besides the cover, the only other markings are on the spine, where letters (in green) spell out 'The Way of the Demon'.
Armour type: Tome
Stats: +Special
It looks A bit heavy (3.0 kg)
Sacvalue: 192
It is called tome and identified as 'black tome', 'thick tome', 'leather tome', 'demon tome', 'tome with spider', 'spider tome', 'the way of the demon', 'The Way of the Demon' and 'tome'
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: Leather
Size: Missing size
Quality: exceptional
From: Wildspace
Other info: One shot special.