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The Bridge Trolls Union
Str: 97 Dex: 57 Con: 101
Int: 42 Wis: 47 Size: 82
Skill max: 85% Skill cost: 60,0%
Spell max: 55% Spell cost: 77,8%
Exp rate: 83
Trolls are a race of larger-than-human humanoids but not as large or powerful as ogres. The metabolism of a troll is faster than that of any other creature, mythical or not. The killing of a troll is said to be almost impossible, if they are going to be killed by physical damage. The trolls' hasted metabolism allows them to regenerate lost body parts in a matter of days and the damage they take is often regenerated during battle. Thanks to their large size, physical strength, endurance and the gift of regeneration most trolls make excellent warriors. Also, as they aren't as stupid as the giants, they are generally accepted in adventuring parties.
  • They have a good natural protection.
  • They regenerate damage at average speed.
  • They regenerate magic points slowly.
  • They are allergic to water.
  • They can see in the dark.
  • They can eat corpses.
  • They can sometimes escape death.
  • They have half dex, con and str if they are in lit outdoor locations.
  • They have bad vision.
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