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Date (yy/mm/dd): 2010/07/24
Tune description: "If you haven't noticed already, those NPC pirates that litter the realms, once sitting ducks and a pile of exp and gold have now begun to strike back and fight with a little more 'attitude.' The first step in several changes to the sea of ship PvP, in the coming days they will soon begin to act a little bit more 'realistic' and a lot less like targets on a shooting range. Whilst this new addition brings more risk to your adventures at sea, the rewards will certainly be equally as balanced to those that step up to defend the seas against the plight of piracy for those who have chosen to make their living from trade. There have also been rumors that members of the Maritime Industry, in an attempt to protect their investments, have begun to fund a navy to protect the seas from the plundering of their precious cargo as well as new opportunities for adventurers to profit at sea."
Wizard(s): Tarken
Source: News (inform 772)
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