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BatWiki administrator and bureaucrat.

Mostly known for his PupuMaps(tm) BatMUD mapping project and GgrTF scriptset for TinyFugue. Occasional contributor of minor information and corrections on BatWiki. Likes to talk about himself in third person when drunk. Immorted in early 2012, working on wizardly stuff nowadays.

To do list

  • Publish log2template - a Perl-script that scans logfiles for marked mobs and 'identify' spell output and spews out pre-filled NPC and eq templates.
  • Publish Magestats, a Perl-script that processes logfiles and outputs HTML page with graphs and information about mage blast statistics and essence + staff development info.

uses=Template:Infobox Armour
category=very light weight
include={Infobox Armour}:slot:type:kg
table=,Short desc,Info

Name Exp worth Area
A gargantuan slime-lizard sits here with bulbous belly, burping belligentrily (undead) ~1m Zonni's swamps
A kobold shaman 69k Dunedain's mansion
Merelix the white druid ~700k-1m Stonehenge
Moratar Cain the diabolic Archlich (undead) ~1m Necropolis
Yaboz Zobay, the ancient Maze Master 927k Temple of the twisted prophecies