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Founder of rise+, gm of fall+. Usually a caster with very little or not at all sense of humour.

History in Batmud

Started playing back in 1997 or 1998, suicided my first character and then continued in January 2001. Played quite a lot during 2002-2003, made my first reincs that could do eq too (tarmadruid, tarmanun, channellerconjurer), got into a proper ss (zerg+) that was active for a while and later on joined fall+, a society that includes most of my friends I guess. I'm also a member in coupla other societies, namely darkness+, hippi+, pojat+, fnord+ and saato+.

Early 2008 I put up a fresh society on the smoking ruins of fall+. Ms. Muanviljelijae is also working as an active guildmaster.

Taking a few months break from mudding every year. It comes automatically, I don't plan to do it.

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