Weather beaten leather boots

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Weather beaten leather boots <red glow>
These boots have seen their best days years ago; The leather is partly torn on them and a golden star figure on their tips has almost faded away.
It contains a tale;
These boots used to belong to humble healer Inojel who tends to take good care of them as she took good care of her close ones. Though her goodness and faith in Tarmalen didn't protect her against a sudden attack from the skies and she and her boots ended up in the goshawks nest.
Armour type: boots
Stats: +3 Wis & +5% cast heal
It looks Light weight (1.690 kg)
Sacvalue: 106k - 112k
It is called Weather beaten leather boots and identified as 'boots', 'weather beaten leather boots' and 'weather beaten boots'
It takes the following slots: Foot & Foot
Made of: leather
Size: somewhat small
Quality: Missing quality
From: Goshawk, Conifer Forest