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I included the game help file here. But I just wish to state that the whereami is an excellent command especially for blind people who can't read the map or it is hard to read the map because they use a screen reader. Commands such as these are very helpful and should have pages on bat wiki maybe even noting that it is good especially for a blind person playing the game who are using what are called screen readers. Thank you. But all in all the command is also useful for those who want to write down coordinates to a location so it is a bit easier for them to get too.

One day a wizard woke up, not quite knowing where he was. He opened his eyes, looked around and thought 'Hmm... Where am I?'.

whereami - Tells you where you are.
The command tells which room you are in, which area the room is in and on which continent.
Also gives you the coordinates of your current room, or to the entrance of the area where you are in.