(Thomas' booming voice!)

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(Thomas' booming voice!) <fiercely choking> <red glow>
Thomas has used his voice as an offensive weapon for so long, that it has gained a physical presence in this world. It forms the shape of a club, but the wielder only knows that from touch, and the victim only knows that by the indents it makes in their body.
Weapon type: club
Stats: +str (4 with name bonus), +1 or 2 dam, +1 or 2 hit, +asphyx dam
It looks Very light weight (0.050 kg)
Sacvalue: 201 - 215k
It is called booming voice and identified as 'voice', 'booming voice', 'thomas' booming voice' and 'club'.
Made of enchanted air
Size: somewhat small
Quality: Missing quality
From: Thomas O'Malley, Beaumont Hamel
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: Invisible item.

Heft data: Size 55, Str 184: You can wield Thomas' booming voice! with great ease -- it is a very light weapon.