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Items with +dam.

Weapon From Type
(Thomas' booming voice!) Thomas O'Malley, Beaumont Hamel club
A Weeping Blade Assassin Adept, Astacia Broadsword
A Zhentorian Death Lance
A copper dagger Vridekka, Temple of Sarku dirk
A cruel looking two-edged axe A savage looking huntsman, Taiga great axe
A gigantic maul, flowing with electricity The Duzel, Duzelton maul
A leitbur blade Renegade Knight, Misty forest longsword
A mosquito stinger dirk
A serrated trident of pain Lizardman Captain, Zonni swamps trident
A sky-glass short sword bead shop, 5 beads short sword
An electrified sky-glass short sword bead shop short sword
Battleaxe of the Barbarian Lords
Black Axe called 'The Bleeder' Zyll, Ndoki great axe
Black Reaver's Axe Black Reaver, Misty Forest great axe
Black trident called 'Reaper' Old convent trident
Crystal Sword Dag Dag Schwingenator, Magerathia longsword
Decorated ivory sabre
Great Mace of Ceche Ceche, Domgroth's mansion mace
Highsteel bastard sword
Hook-shaped polearm Praixor, Drow tower voulge
Hot crystal voulge of doom Thanatos, Secret Jungle voulge
Huge shiny rose-shaped mace Belan, Misty forest battle mace
Insanely sharp quill Samuel Hooyeah, Beaumont Hamel knife
Mace of high templar Old Templar guild master(s) battle mace
Mace of the Barbarian Lords Oogga, Barbarian guild battle mace
Mighty axe of Marion Melcross (area quest) Great axe
Nightfall, proclaimer of death eternal Moreod, Caverns of Undying No-dachi
Ruby long spear Kelnozz, Drow Tower long spear
Spirit-sword of the Sshai The spirit of Master Warlock, Conclave katana
The Axe of Destruction 'Deathreaver' Tyranicus, Tarackia Battleaxe
The Blade of Death Amrun, Necropolis katana
The Blood Axe Horsehead Mountain battleaxe
The HUGE (undead) crushing maul
The Maul of Titans Minesweeper event maul
The Mythical Frostblade
The Paingiver axe Kizarwexius, Lonely mountain great axe
The Trilloch's sword Trilloch short sword
The blood-red axe known as 'Blood-drinker' Kraxthrax, Kutanakor great axe
The brutal Maul named 'Grolth' Gwerg, Dah'bec maul
The famed laen dagger named Fleshhunter
The flail of salvation (holy) An omnipotent ruler, the legislative force of cosmos flail
The legendary falchion called Kan Chiang Captain Matchstick, aka Jurgen the impaler, VotK falchion
The legendary falchion called Mo Yeh VotK falchion
The nullium trident of Isseth Isseth, Calythien trident
The sabre 'green death'
The sharp edged crystal sai known as 'Syth' Lear Rotth, Caverns of Chaos sai
The sword of law Lord Law, Brotherhood of Sorcery Claymore
Zeltjin's tail Zeltjin, Nocilis Valley whip
Armour From Slot Type
A black crystal pendant Help the hobbit amulet
A black full plate with a skull emblem Naggaroth, Savage coast full plate
A black leather choker Faerie Forest collar
A black pot helmet with one great spike on the top Random clan leader in Renardy head pot helm
A brooch decorated with a blood-red ruby Red bull, Midnight Carnival scarab
A cracked onyx mask Lear Rotth, Caverns of Chaos mask
A dark chained necklace with an angelbone charm Nun guild after killing Valentina necklace
A death amulet Kech Lektar, Ancient Tower amulet
A dented rusty helm Zoy's Inn head helmet
A freezing cloak of legendary Champions of Old
A glimmering black spiked o-yoroi a nasty looking demon brute on guard duty, Faerie Forest o-yoroi
A large signet ring with an onyx Nithem, Lorenchia ring
A pair of legendary Maze Master's gloves Yaboz, Temple of the Twisted Prophecies gloves
A pair of leggings of deities The ritual of sacrifice leggings
A pair of spiked leggings (kinky)
A pair of wooden bracers Savage chief bracers
A pair of wooden leggings The black savage chief of 'Harun-al-Mar', The black savage chief of 'Harun-al-Kor' leggings
A red silk cloak embroidered with flame symbols Jane, Goddess garden cloak
A robust great belt William, Brimshire belt
A simple silver signet ring Brother Maerius Zedek, Tinmen Monastery Finger Ring
A skintight black leather suit Alaysia, Alchemist tower in Misty forest battlesuit
A small, midnight black glass orb
A steel ring
A white leather belt Eidilon, Ancient temple of Gods belt
A wooden breastplate The black savage chief, crazy with hunger, Kundar-el-Alam torso breastplate
A wooden helmet A diseased black savage chief, Kharim-el-Main head helmet
An amulet, resembling a pentagram Moratar Cain, Necropolis / Mirkhold amulet amulet
An arm protector called Damien Ackbar's warrior shrine areaquest Arm sleeve
An infernal amulet made of devil's blood Inra, Horsehead mountain Amulet amulet
Bandolier of the hellish warrior Behemoth, Atlantis rig bandolier
Black, twisted finger-blades
Black Reaver's gauntlets
Black pulsating fragments of skin
Black scaly has a black aura around it Burglefloogah, Zonni swamps Hands gauntlets
Black silk belt with tiger head ornament Tenji/Akemi, Furnachia outerworld small belt
Black silk bracelet with tiger claw ornament Tenji/Akemi, Furnachia outerworld bracelet bracelet
Black silk cape with tiger head ornament Tenji / Akemi, Furnachia outerworld cape
Black silk moccasins with tiger claw ornaments Tenji shoes
Black silk wrapped around arms Akemi / Tenji, Furnachia outerworld Arms sleeves
Black spiked bracers
Black spiked leather belt Belan, Misty Forest belt girdle
Blacksteel greave Trilloch's zoo leg haidate
Blue tabard with silver symbol Trilloch's vault torso breastplate
Charred, scaly vest made of monster's hide
Cloak of chilling death
Crown of Sorrows.. The Blood Crown Apocalypse, Perin's crown
Dream mask of Clouds called 'Nightmare preventer'
Felidae's sparkling crystal amulet Melkior, Savage Coast amulet
Gauntlets of Lust
Gleaming splint armour shimmering blue magick Lord Wainamoinen torso breastplate
Glittering diamond bracelet of Tranquility Kitiara, Flying Citadel bracelet bracelet
Glowing bracelets
Green and brown splotched cape Trilloch's Zoo cape
Heavy obsidian boot Trilloch's zoo foot boot
Hunter's ring Odo, Goddess garden Ring
Mithril spiked tail guard Tyranicus Karakurt, Tarackia tail guard
Necklace of unearthly might Moreod, Caverns of Undying neck necklace
Nekode Quiet ninja, Kara-Tur gloves
Pelt of the Silverback Guardian
Ring of Deep Shadows Shelaste, Shadow Maze finger ring
Shadow bracelets Shelaste, Shadow Maze Bracelets bracelets
Shadow gloves Shelaste, Shadow Maze hands gloves
Silver Great Belt King William, Brimshire great belt
Sparkling emerald ring Tigra, Misty Forest ring
Spiked adamantium collar Involves killing Lady Zilvra in Drow tower. neck collar
Spiked adamantium collar with perfect star ruby Involves Drow Tower neck collar
Spiked black gauntlets of the brigand-duke Kharim guild gauntlets
Sturdy black leather boot inlaid with rubies Fire demon, Caverns of Undying foot boot
The Solamnian Necklace of Kingfisher, Rose and Crown Kitiara, Flying Citadel neck necklace
The Tail from the Maneater of Rudraprayag Maneater, Rudraprayag Tail tail guard
The dark bracelets of azakh-khanan Tznueel, Necropolis / Mirkhold bracelets bracelets
The legendary sune-ate of Astur Kharim guild sune-ate
Thick golden ringband Thanatos, Secret Jungle finger guard
Tiny burning ring Sera, Nun guild finger ring
Shield From Type
A circular ornamental shield with wyvern engravings Black Marble Altar large shield
The ghoulish shield of the Great Mogul of Emilan Kharim's vault large shield

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