A battle-scarred shin guard

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This armour consists of a pair of jointed plates designed to cover the upper and lower leg. This armour may be worn on either leg, and is fastened behind the leg by means of buckles and straps.
Armour type: leg protector
Stats: +2 Spr (0-1 with spider touch), -quick chant in old version
It looks a bit heavy (2.916 kg)
Sacvalue: 160k (new)
It is called leg protector and identified as 'leg protector', 'a highsteel leg protector', 'protector', 'highsteel protector', 'shin guard', 'leg guard' and 'wedge'
It takes the following slot: Leg
Made of: highsteel
Size: small
Quality: shoddy
From: The High Lord Despana, Perin's
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