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General description: Perin's is a huge area, holding several subareas with lots of monsters to kill for players of all sizes. It is the home for the feared demon queen of spiders, Llyth. Perin's also includes LQ:28 robes of time and an area quest, shrouds of darkness.
Location on Furnachia: Center
Difficulty: For smaller players a party is recommended, except for mole section.
Coder: Perin
Size (in rooms):
Map of the area:
Other information: Perin's on Dryad's site

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A GIANT drider killing all in its path 4.4k - 5.9k evil
A beautiful drow guard is here guarding the keep 11k - 23k evil
A beautiful drow guardian is here looking things over 37k
A beautiful drow is on guard 33k
A beautiful drow sentry 28k
A beautiful drow warrior is guarding her post 32k
A dark robed evil priest 9.7k drow no
A drider is here eating evil
A drider is here eating the dead evil
A drow guard is here looking things over 12k
A drow guard is here watching her post 37k
A drow guard is peeking into the bed room 16k
A drow guard trying to sleep off a nasty hangover 17k
A drow is here guarding the keep 17k evil
A drow is here trying to get some sleep 24k
A drow priestess 12k - 16k drow evil
A drow soldier evil
A drow warrior is here guarding the keep 32k evil
A female drow guardian 39k evil
A feral man 7k - 19k human
A flame green demon 18k evil
A guard is here resting from practice 5.2k - 20k drow
A huge female firedrake 12k
A huge hell hound is chained here 15k
A large fat mole is here 200 bit evil
A large mole is here on guard 325
A large wingless firedrake 28k
A man who is surrounded by psionic energies 19k - 24k human
A mean female guard is here on duty 22k
A nasty drow mage 18k
A priestess of the demon queen 14k - 28k drow evil
A royal mole warrior 369
A scaly, white-hot demon 36k - 44k
A skinny little elfin woman guarding the tower 10k evil
A sleeping evil priest, awoken by your presence 39k
A small air elemental
A small drider is here avoiding the others 2.4k - 2.8k
A small drider is here preying on the weak 1.7k - 4.4k evil
A small lava child 12k
A soldier is trying to get some rest 17k
A vigil sentry is on duty 34k
Alena, the acquisitionist 66k
Aleval, the Elven High Lord 152k - 206k drow
Amy, the biggest pain in the ass you EVER met 54k
An abused slave is here tending the herd 3k
Apocalypse, the world crushing demon 472 - 640k Demon evil
Arsea, first born of the house Tomtor 55k drow evil
Ben, the retarded cousin who works as a guard for his uncle 12k
Charinidia, the high priestess of the demon queen 241k evil
Dawn, the string-pulling manipulator 46k - 68k
Dinos, the drow warrior 22k drow evil
Ditianna, the Bride of Tomtor 233k evil
Divolg the high bailiff 5.9k - 9.1k evil
Eisevis, the high drow lord of frost 188k - 227k
Gicona, the drow soldier 27k drow evil
Hektor, the mage who failed mage college 21k
Hymmor, a soldier of Tomtor's army 23k drow evil
Ianna, the drow marshal 36k - 48k drow evil
Icalia, the ice demon 193k evil
Keresta the drow princess-warrior 30k drow evil
Llyth, the demon queen of spiders 549 - 556k Demon
Lord Noquar, the red-scaled demon 256k - 269k demon evil
Maria, the head mistress 129k - 142k drow evil
Novak, the dark priest of Llyth 39k
Prinell the high guard, keeper of the black tower 11k
Shagtor, the demon (undead) 164 - 187k
Shellie, the child-like goddess 45k
The High Lord Despana ~150k
The bald mole is on guard 200 bit evil
The captain of the womens guard 32k
The cook 5k
The drow captain is here trying to get some sleep 10k - 12k drow
The drow soldier blocks your path 13k
The drow warrior is trying to get some sleep 20k
The high priestess of the demon queen 40k - 48k
The other mean female drow guard is here 21k
The smith 53k - 59k drow
The spirit of the first horseman is here guarding his master 47k demon evil
The ugliest drow guard 36k
The weaponsmaster 26k drow
Wippa, the huge icy demon 43k - 64k evil
Xelbu, the Head Master 164k - 170k drow