A black arm protector inlaid with rubies

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A black leather arm protector inlaid with rubies. It covers the whole arm, providing complete protection over all areas. The leather is flexible yet hard, with a soft layer of incredibly soft fur on the inside. Small rubies are inlaid on the leather with amazing technique. They seem to gather all the light around you and reflect it back in a soft wave of crimson light.
Armour type: kote
Stats: Two versions:
It looks Light weight (0.57 kg)
Sacvalue: 50k
It is called black arm protector and identified as 'a black arm protector', 'protector', 'arm protector', 'a black arm protector inlaid with rubies', 'black protector' and 'kote'.
It takes the following slot: Arm
Made of: 85% leather, 5% ruby, 10% fur
Size: small
Quality: flawed
From: Fire demon, Caverns of Undying