A black tomahawk with sharp diamond blade

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A black tomahawk with sharp diamond blade <humming> <red glow>
A sturdy, darksteel one feet haft is connected to a sharp beak-like diamond blade. Blade seems to be crafted out from a single fist sized diamond and it shines with a soft, beautiful inner glow. This tomahawk is truly a valuable and unique piece of weaponry.
Weapon type: tomahawk
Stats: +magical damage, +5% bladed fury & sheds light
It looks A bit heavy (2.7 kg)
Sacvalue: ~390k
It is called A black tomahawk and identified as 'tomahawk', 'black tomahawk', 'black diamond tomahawk' and 'axe'
Made of 40% diamond & 60% darksteel
Size: somewhat small
Quality: sterling
From: Commander J'ou Ghya, Small meadow
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown