A bloated member of the leech-kind is guarding the gates

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A slimy, leech-like creature crawls in front of you. It is called Tuyh Szlaa'h and it is on guard duty - he is one of the leech elite sentries. Tuyh appears to be unarmoured; only heavy robes envelope its swollen, dark green body. It is hard to imagine that this creature would be serious threat in combat, but an aura of wild mental power hums around the worm. Despite of its weak-looking physique (although huge on the leech-stantards), you do not want to underestimate the serious threat that Tuyh Szlaa'h is.
Tuyh Szlaa'h's equipment:

Neck, both legs and upper body: A cotton robe Wielded in right claw: An iron hammer

Spells: psi blast
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Millie's nightmare
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: leech
Exp worth: Missing exp worth