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Area quest

Area Difficulty Creator
Buckthorn valley challenging Noctur
Another tranquil village in a remote region of the world... Another evil warlord threatening their peace..? Not quite so - rumours of an ancient evil stirring in the southern regions of the land circulate among the people of Buckthorn. Scared whispers tell this new menace is led by a powerful entity, a master of dreams and nightmares. People go missing - husbands, wives, children. Among the people whose relatives are missing are Sara, an old druidess of the town, and the chieftain himself, Eirik of Buckthorn. They need help in order to rid the lands of this unnamed danger. But to do so, they need strong heroes that dare to challenge the darkness itself, perhaps to even leave this world behind - to go beyond all light...

Area itself

General description:
Location on Desolathya:
(whereami: 194x, 368y)
Coder: (missing coder)
Size (in rooms): Many more than 51 and has a special explore room.
Map of the area:

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A bloated member of the leech-kind is guarding the gates leech
A commander of the leech-kind 61k - 63k Leech evil
A disemboweled deer (unable to die) 13k
A faceless figure with razor blade fingers 83k
A faceless guardian 75k - 88k evil
A female thrall is chained to a pole 13k
A foolhardy squirrel is all around the place
A guard with no face 78k evil
A hulking, tentacle-faced nightmare 506k - 648k spirit evil
A hulking figure with mercury skin, clad in torn robes 190k - 288k
A large dog-shaped shadow with burning red eyes 25k - 41k
A leech-kind warrior lurks here 24k leech
A lethal leech-man is going to kill you 50k leech
A long strip of shadow looms here 30k
A lost little girl cradles herself slowly (undead) 5k
A mystic leech-man clad in heavy robes 43k - 52k leech
A pale, dead woman smiles at you - wickedly (undead)
A pale figure in worn and torn robes (undead) 18k
A powerful leech-man clad in voluminous robes 159k - 165k leech evil
A severed maple tree stands here rotting 32k
A shadow darker than night looms here (eyes gleaming red as embers) 17k - 27k evil
A shadowy man clad in steel (conjured by Necorp) 80k
A shred of shadow hovers above you 20k
A skeletal drake guarding the crypt (undead) 112k - 163k
A skeleton in dented armour roams here aimlessly (undead) 30k
A skeleton warlord wanders here, red light flickering in his empty eyes (undead) 129k - 163k skeleton
A skinny and sly-looking rat is having a beer
A slimy leech-man eyes hungrily the veins on your neck 33k leech
A slimy toad is having a game of MTG toad
A small snow-white kitten sits here
A songless blackbird, withering in pain 11k - 14k
A strong skeletal sentry stands here, proud and calm (undead) 33k
A stunningly beautiful, pale woman eyes you temptingly succubus evil
A sturdy bat sits by the table, counterspell readied bat
A tab of shadow sways over here 42k
A tall and pale mercenary stands here, clad in dark battlegear (undead) 65k - 67k vampire
A tall skeleton stands here in ceremonial battlegear (undead) 45k skeleton
A teenage whore sits on the bedside
A tortured buckthorn tree, bleeding sap from severe cuts 25k
A towering figure with metalline skin, clad in torn robes 205k
A twisted humanoid, fingers replaced with dark blades 86k - 117k
A wicked blood imp 61k
A wicked blood imp wants your blood 50k
A wicked hound-shaped shadow snarls at you angrily
A winged nightmare looms above you
A wingless bat is crawling in the mud 33k
An ancient woman sits here in the dark 43k human neutral
An ugly, crow-like vulture is eating someone's bowels 11k
An ugly leech-man prison guard (bored to death) 67k - 81k leech
Apeth the sly Drow Mercenary, ready to kill you 29k drow evil
Crue the havoc Human Mercenary 28k Human
Forbidding thickets with iron thorns grow here 9k plant
G'karh the malicious Troll Executioner 50k - 60k troll
Leech prison guard
Lord Necorp, the leech Mindcrafter 283k - 900k leech
Nightmare warrior
Seceh, the General of the Legion 122k Wolfman
Shayde the lethal panther Catfolk prowls in the shadows 36k
Skeleton berserker is yearning for battle (undead) 26k skeleton
Some odd, ill-looking mould grows here
Sooth the cunning Orc Mercenary 21k
V'inyael the outcast Leech-folk soothsayer 79k leech