A blood thirsty blood angel stands here

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Born to fight, blood angels being their traning to warriors in early childhood. Magical enpowerment, commitment, tedious training and various fightning technics makes them a formedable warriors. They usually dress in light but strong armours and use fast short weapons or their bare hands. Tattoos, piercings and war paintings covers their bodies and they usually shave their hair. They move with an inhuman speed due to many years of magical shaping. They have a strength of ten men and a courage of lion. Kaspar is one of the youngest and fastest blood angels that Felidae got. He is vicious and has no remorse at all.
Kaspar's equipment:

Both legs and upper body: a scary black suit

Wielded in right claw: a blood angel's broadsword <red glow>

Spells: Missing spells
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Renardy
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: 101k