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General description: Part of the Savage coast and the related level quest, Renardy hosts many challenges from smaller monsters to real nasties.
Location on continent: Renardy is an island, far east from Rothikgen, on a straight line from Donaru.
Difficulty: High-end parties for the eq parts, though can be a decent exp-area for a smaller level party. Not really soloable.
Coders: Malitrius, Dralith
Size (in rooms): Hundreds of rooms and has a special explore room.
Map of the area:
History: In the old BatWorld, prior to Age of Exiles and continents, Renardy was not a separate entity on the world map, but only accessible through harbour in Donaru.
Other information: Renardy is actually a pseudo-continent of its own, so normal teleportation from Rothikgen will not work. Transportation via ship or wanderer spells is necessary. It is also possible, though impractical, to swim.

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A black clad blood angel stands here 147k
A blood thirsty blood angel stands here 101k
A frenzy blood angel is stalking you 235k
A pacey blood angel clad in black 121k
A swift blood angel with two deadly swords 156k
A very beautiful blood angel clad in almost nothing 162k
A very big blood angel 109k
An imp-like creature, one of Felidae's homonculli 75k
Azhag the butchering orc warlord 86k - 103k orc evil
Bloodgobbler the sadistic troll elder 82k
Boneripper the limb-ripping troll elder 104k troll
Borgoth the child-slaying ogre chieftain 57k - 77k ogre evil
Brutalfist the but-splitting troll elder is holding the battering ram 79k troll
Dogskull the elf-battering troll elder is holding the battering ram
Don Luis, lord and the present husband of Felidae 357k
Francisco del Carrascal, supervisor of the craftsmen 59k
Gloriana de Rondalla, the stable master 34k
Gorrgfang the eye-poking goblin general 19k
Grom the ear-cleaving goblin lord 44k goblin
Gruzk the brain-smashing orc warlord 40938 orc
Hrothyogg the entrails-spilling ogre chieftain 71k ogre evil
Klang-Rhun the head-severing orc king, commander of the horde 192k - 208k orc
Lord Flame, the captain of the castle guard 186k
Miguel Hernando de la Montoya (master thief) 87k
Morcar the blood-spilling orc warlord 44k orc
Mordax Elk-Entrails the pompous orc mage 103k orc evil
Natash the golden dragon 369k
Nina Alhabashi the wind priestess 343k
Ratbreath the Dwarf-mangling troll elder 78k - 96k troll
Rugtot Pukebreath the ogre master smith 63k - 74k ogre
Shargan Schöppen the ogre master smith 71519 ogre
Ugbad the bloodfrenzy orc warlord 80k troll
Vomitskrag the bone-ripping ogre chieftain 51k ogre evil
Zogwort the knee-cracking ogre chieftain ogre yes