A book of eternal youth (new)

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Felidae's book of eternal youth says the cover. The cover is made of soft black leather and the book is written in titans blood. Everything about ageing and how to achive eternal youth, seems to be collected in this book. Better save this book until you need to 'read book of eternal youth'.
Armour type: tome
Stats: 3x full youth
It looks A bit heavy (3.000 kg)
Sacvalue: 248
It is called book and identified as 'book', 'book of youth', 'book of eternal youth' and 'tome'.
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: leather
Size: small
Quality: exceptional
From: Felidae, Savage coast
Other info: Descriptions of used books:
  • 2 uses left: a book of eternal youth (a bit torn)
  • 1 use left: