Savage coast

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General description: An entity of several areas around the LQ the savage coast surrounding Donaru, including Renardy.
Location on Rothikgen: (missing location)
Difficulty: (missing difficulty)
Coder: Malitrius
Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)
Other information: Map of renardy

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A beautiful and tall woman with hair the color of pale gold ~1m human
A puddle of oily black tar (undead) 184k - 201k
A tall man dressed in a black robe with a hood 1094k human
An inheritor lich with red glowing eye sockets (undead) 164k evil
Kreutzh von Krig the wicked orc mage 91k - 134k Orc
Miguel Hernando de la Montoya (master thief) 87k
Naggaroth the gut-spilling orc overlord 226k Orc