A cracked onyx mask

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a cracked onyx mask
It has a rough surface, in which there only are two holes intended for the eyes. It is no work of a master smith, as the quality seems to be poor. The mask is cold by touch.
It contains a tale;
The onyx mask was once worn by Lear Rotth. As many other evil creatures Lear Rotth also once was a normal human. However, once he had chosen the path of evil and mastered the secrets of necromancy among with other dark knowledge his appearence and physical shape started to change. Rotth used this mask to cover his face as he was ashamed of his appearence. But it was a small price to pay for the powers he had achieved and the vast army he was to claim rulership over.
Armour type: mask
Stats: two versions that both emit darkness:
  • +4 dam, +2 hit & +special
  • +10% harm body, +5 hit & +special
It looks Light weight (0.745 kg)
Sacvalue: 719k (dam version), 1.58m (habo version)
It is called onyx mask and identified as 'a cracked onyx mask', 'cracked onyx mask', 'onyx mask' and 'mask'.
It takes the following slot: Head
Made of: onyx
Size: extremely small
Quality: poor
From: Lear Rotth, Caverns of Chaos
Other info: The special is a switchable aoh-like effect without the stat bonuses, also changes your plan when turned on. "You can summon unnatural hate upon yourself by rubbing the mask."


  • "[sales]: a cracked onyx mask, +dam, +hit, aura of hate special 5m"