A crude black spiked shoulder pad

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A crude black spiked shoulder pad. The spikes are long and thin. The armour has become blackened after all the blood that has been spilled upon it. An emblem with a war dragon is about to vanish but you can still see the contour of it.
Armour type: Sode
Stats: Different versions:
  • +1 Spr
  • +Dex
  • +(1) Int
  • +1 Avoid
It looks A bit heavy (2,3 kg)
Sacvalue: Different for each version:
  • Spr: 43k
  • Int: 12k
  • Avoid: 44k
It is called spiked shoulder pad and identified as 'spiked shoulder pad', 'shoulder pad', 'black shoulder pad' and 'sode'
It takes the following slot: Arm
Made of: titanium
Size: Missing size
Quality: great
From: Random clan leader in Renardy.