A crude spiked battle mace

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a crude spiked battle mace <red glow>
When you examine the mace closer you see that the spikes of the mace are made of a different unknown material. They are cold to touch and very sharp. The mace got a long wooden handle and the core of the mace is highsteel.
Weapon type: Battle mace
Stats: +Asphyxiation damage
It looks Heavy (8.3 kg)
Sacvalue: 7940 - 8390
It is called called spiked mace and identified as 'battle', 'mace', 'spiked mace', 'battle mace' and 'crude mace'
Made of Highsteel
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Random clan leader in Renardy
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown