A dark chained necklace with an angelbone charm

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a dark chained necklace with an angelbone charm
This necklace is a long dark steel chain which is meant to be hung about the neck. Hanging at the end of the chain lies a charm crafted from genuine angelbone. Strong malevolent magics radiate from the necklace.
It contains a tale;
The history of the necklace is rather bleak. The angelbone charm was once a part of an angel's head, but was severed in combat by a group of heretic mortals. The group of mortals are praised by all that is evil, and they are known by the names: xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx and xxx.
Armour type: necklace
Stats: +3 dam, +3 str, +7 con, -2 or 3 physical resistance, -3 magical resistance, +minor (~10-30 or so) special hp/sp/ep ticks at about 2-5min intervals, +evil wear only
It looks Very light weight (0.390 kg)
Sacvalue: 649k - 656k
It is called angelbone skull necklace and identified as 'necklace', 'angelbone neckace' and 'skull necklace'.
It takes the following slot: Neck
Made of: iron
Size: extremely small
Quality: sterling
From: Nun guild after killing Valentina
Other info: The special consumes a tiny amount (up to 300 or so) of exp for each tick and requires a minimum amount of exp on you (1k?), otherwise it will damage you on tick. The special hp/sp/ep tick timer resets everytime you remove the necklace so it'll need a bit of initial recharge when it's worn for the first time.