A death amulet

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This ornate bone amulet is fashioned from a humanoid skull. Each of the eye sockets has a small emerald in it. Mystic runes are intermitently inscribed on the surface of the amulet.
It contains a tale;
The death amulet is a powerful magical item created by the ancient necromancer Kech Lechtar. The magic ritual Kech follows to create the amulet is rumoured to require over twenty humanoid sacrifices. According to lore the last person that kech sacrifices must be brutally tortured over a period of one week. The amulet when worn gives the possibility to cheat death itself; although at a cost.
Armour type: Amulet
Stats: +8 Con, +2 Dam, +Avoid death
It looks Light weight (0.930 kg)
Sacvalue: 631k
It is called Death Amulet and identified as 'Death Amulet', 'a death amulet' and 'amulet'.
It takes the following slot: Amulet
Made of: bone
Size: very small
Quality: inferior (old version)
From: Kech Lektar, Ancient Tower
Other info: Has a chance to dest when avoid death kicks in. Old version with red glow can only get damaged.