A dwarven full shield 'Dragomir'

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It is a full shield made of mithril, but the rim is reinforced with some other odd looking metal. The inner side of the shield is filled with dwarven and arcane runes. The outer side is battle-scarred, but the scars are just scratches - the shield has endured lots of punishment and will endure even more. The shield once belonged to a famous dwarven warrior, who named the shield 'Dragomir'. What this name means, nobody knows.
It contains a tale;
Dragomir once belonged to a chaotic dwarf, a rare breed. The wielder of the shield, whose dying wish was to remain nameless to keep his family honour intact, died to the wounds suffered during the Kharim assault on Grimoor. It is believed he parried the blows of Grimoor's blade with this very shield, a feat most shields would not have endured, but the master of chaos warped behind him and struck the lethal blow that drained the wielder's life. The shield was, to great surprise of the dwarves, returned to Dun Banor after the battles were over. Since then the shield collected dust for a while in the treasury of Tyr Farwyn, and now you have it, as a reward for helping the dwarves.
Shield type: Full shield
Stats: +6% situational warfare, +6% dodge
It looks very heavy (~14.9 kg)
Sacvalue: 677k
It is called Dragomir and identified as 'dragomir', 'shield', 'full shield', 'dwarven shield', 'dwarven full shield' and 'full'.
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: 80% mithril, 20% dukonium
Size: medium-sized
Quality: exceptional
From: Werelizard, Tyr Farwyn
Other info: Heft data:

Size 53 (elf), Str 48: You could wield a dwarven full shield 'Dragomir' easily and skillfully in both hands.