A faint blue glass orb

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a faint blue glass orb
The orb is made of light weighted blue crystallic glass-like material. As you glance at the orb it invites you to look deeper into it, as if it had a will of it's own. When looking into the orb, you can see reflections of your friends, enemies and places you have been in.
It contains a tale;
Stories tell of a wretched witch, who knew all the dirty secrets of the people around her. As the King Kaychien heard of the witch, and her orb, he quickly realized that if he possessed an orb of this power, he could slay his enemies before they even managed to do their crimes.

Not long after that, did the witch burn in a pyre, and the king thought that he had the orb, but the witch knew that she was going to die even before it happened. She had hidden the orb well, and produced another orb, an orb that causes a horrible death to the one who looks into it, and destroys itself afterwards. After the witch had burnt down in the pyre, the king went to his chambers and tried to glance in the orb, in hope to see the plans of his adversaries. Sadly, instead of seeing that, his flesh dried out in an instant, and crumbled down to dust, causing blood to flow freely from every part of his body, practically melting him down on the floor.

Armour type: ball
Stats: +5 wis & glance player special
It looks a bit heavy (3.874 kg)
Sacvalue: ~200k
It is called faint blue glass orb and identified as 'orb', 'glass orb', 'faint blue orb', 'blue orb', ' faint blue glass orb', 'a faint blue glass orb' and 'ball'
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: glass
Size: somewhat small
Quality: shoddy
From: Tiamat, Nocilis Valley
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