A fancy steel monocle

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a fancy steel monocle <red glow>
Monocle is a type of lens used to correct vision only in one eye. This particular one is made of glass and has a fancy gleaming steel frame, which has a piece of leather string attached to keep it from being lost. It looks rather stylish, perhaps you could wear it as a fashion statement?
Armour type: eye patch
Stats: If worn by a male, it would slightly (+5) increase your charisma.
If worn by a female, it would divinely (+10?) increase proficiency at spell 'wizard eye'
If worn by a neuter, it would divinely (+10?) increase proficiency at spell 'aura detection'
It looks very light weight (~0.4 kg)
Sacvalue: 9 gp
It is called monocle and identified as 'steel monocle', 'fancy monocle', 'neera lightweaver's monocle', 'neera's monocle' and 'eye patch'.
It takes the following slot: Head
Made of: 10% steel, 85% glass, 5% leather
Size: extremely small
Quality: standard
From: Neera Lightweaver the elven cartographer
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