A feather pen knife

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a feather pen knife <red glow>
It is a long feather, or a plume, with a small sharp blade attached. The feather is dark gray in colour, and it is somewhat damaged. The blade is single-edged and extremely sharp, as if it could cut the air itself, and made of some dark metal with some streaks of some gleaming metal. The pen knife leaves odd traces of light when you move it quickly.
It contains a tale;
This is the quill of Wiespe the vampire. The legends tell that he used this knife to write bad poetry on the bodies of his enemies, carving the living flesh. It is also noted that the knife can penetrate the very fabric of space and time, you could try this yourself with the command 'penwrite'.
Weapon type: knife
Stats: +5% mastery of pain, permanent damn armament, instant floating letters invoke
It looks Very light weight (0.040 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.44m
It is called feather knife and identified as 'pen', 'feather pen knife', 'pen knife', 'wiespe's pen' and 'knife'.
Made of 3% cesium, 16% darksteel, 81% feathers
Size: extremely small
Quality: exceptional
From: Wiespe, Faerie Forest
Compares between: Henry short sword and Mighty axe of Marion
Other info: Has 99% harm damage ratio.