A finely-made leather and steel backpack

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a finely-made leather and steel backpack <red glow>
This backpack is made from the softest leather, with buckles and clips made of green-enameled steel. The symbol of the House of Hautdesert is stamped into the main flap. Tied to one strap by a thin pink ribbon is a card with 'thanks' written in elegant script, with a lipstick kiss mark right below it.

Use 'store' and 'extract' to use the herb storage feature of the pouch.
The label can be set with 'label' command.
It contains a tale;
This pack, gifted by a resuced maiden, was won in the Halloween 2011 event.

Armour type: backpack
Stats: +4 wis, +store druid herbs
It looks heavy (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: 28k
It is called pack of maiden's gratitude and identified as 'bag', 'pack', 'leather backpack', 'steel backpack', 'finely-made backpack', 'pack of gratitude' and 'backpack'.
It takes the following slot: Rig
Made of: 20% steel, 80% leather
Size: huge
Quality: perfect
From: Halloween 2011 event
Other info: Has a lifespan if used without name; after 6 months stats will be halved and after 12 months the item will be completely unusable by others than the creator.
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