A fresh Paw from the Maneater of Rudraprayag

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This piece of a dead animal looks like it could come from a kitten. However the size of this thing tells that is must have been part of a pretty big cat. One could tell by looking at this paw that the former owner have walked many miles.
Armour type: glove
Stats: +3 con & +4 avoid
It looks Very light weight (0.07 kg)
Sacvalue: 802 - 838k
It is called paw and identified as 'glove', 'paw', 'maneater paw' and 'leopard paw'.
It takes the following slot: Hand
Made of: bone
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Maneater, Rudraprayag
Other info: New version. For old one, see A Paw from the Maneater of Rudraprayag.