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Gloves come in  many different types and styles.  The most common type is a
leather glove worn to protect the wearer from cold weather and from injury.
A  heavier leather gauntleted glove  is used  for  falconry and hawking, to
provide a perch for the bird and to protect the falconer.

Another functional glove is one designed for archery.  Designed to  be worn
with a normal pair of gloves, the archery glove has two or three reinforced
leather fingerstalls which are buttoned across the wrist to provide protec-
tion when firing arrows.

Decorative gloves are also worn by men of the noble class. These gloves are
made of soft  leather,  suede, or  kid and  are  adorned  with  embroidery,
jewels, and fringes.

In general,  gloves  are worn mainly by the  upper class.  Peasants make do
with either cloth  mittens or by  wrapping their  hands in the  extra  long
sleeves of their shirts.

Many customs have been built around gloves.  Knights wear them as favors in
their helmets during tournaments.  They may be used as pledges  and can  be 
tossed down as a challenge.

Slot(s):                                hand
Size:                                   small

Protection against:
 cut                                    poor
 stab                                   bad
 bash                                   bad
 other                                  bad

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