A giant maul with a skull engraved on top of it

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This maul is a gigantic weapon, over ten feet long. Made from osmium, covered with dragonscales and spikes made of dragon bone, the maul looks extremely efficient and deadly. A skull is carved on the top of the weapon, grinning malevolently. The small, sharp spikes cover the maul from top to bottom, leaving only the handle smooth. The maul is covered in dry blood and smells like the rotten stench of a cemetary.
Weapon type: maul
Stats: +aoh on wield, -aoh on remove
It looks Very very heavy (22.350 kg)
Sacvalue: 303-317k
It is called maul of the dead and identified as 'a giant maul', 'bone maul', 'dead maul', 'maul', 'a maul' and 'maul of the dead'
Made of 15% bone, 70% osmium, 15% dragonscale
Size: smallish
Quality: flawed
From: Eater of the Dead, Caverns of Undying
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: Can be used to remove aura of hate by wielding and removing.

Heft data:
Size 59, Str 102: A giant maul with a skull engraved on top of it is pushing the limits of what you can wield in a single hand.