A gleaming gisarme

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a gleaming gisarme <red glow>
This gleaming gisarme seems to be a powerful weapon in the right hands. It is polished and You can see Your reflection in it. While the handle consists of dark wood with dark stone inlays, the blade is made of a deep black steel.
It contains a tale;
Apparently found somewhere in the ruins of the valley of the kings, this weapon surely once was used to defend one of the many temples. One day Tombert the wolfmen guard of the smiling nun whoreship found it and has since then taken good care of it, not knowing of this items history.
Weapon type: gisarme
Stats: +1 or 2% enhance criticals, +1 con
It looks Heavy (4.5 kg)
Sacvalue: 51k - 55k
It is called guarding gisarme and identified as 'guarding gisarme', 'gisarme' and 'gleaming gisarme'
Made of 5% obsidian, 70% mallorn and 25% darksteel
Size: medium-sized
Quality: flawed
From: Tombert, Valley of the Kings
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown