Valley of the Kings

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Also known as VotK
General description: Biggest area in game, holds hundreds of rooms in numerous subareas and is home for LQ88: The valley of the kings.
Location on Lucentium: (missing location)
Difficulty: Varies greatly depending on section.
Coders: Dino<analytics uacct="UA-3466433-3" ></analytics>, Darol<analytics uacct="UA-3466433-3" ></analytics>, Femko<analytics uacct="UA-3466433-3" ></analytics>, Qazar<analytics uacct="UA-3466433-3" ></analytics>, Orgoh<analytics uacct="UA-3466433-3" ></analytics>, Ceewu<analytics uacct="UA-3466433-3" ></analytics>
Size (in rooms): well over 100 rooms
Map of the area: .
                                 ^^^^^^^^vvvd^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                       
  ^^^^^^^^^^^xxdddd^^dddp?pd\ddddd^^^^^^rr^^^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^dd
       ^^^^^^^xddddx^ddddpddx+ddd^^^^^^^^rrr^^^^^^^^^^         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^                 
           ^^^^^^^ddddx^dddd\^xdd/dd^^^^^^^ ^^^^^pblllllllllb^^^^^                           
           ^^^^^^^^dddddddxdd.-..dd^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^pblllllllp^^^^^^                           
            ^^^^^^^^xdddd^^^ddddd^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^plllllp^^^^^^                            
            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^pppbb^^^^^^^                            
             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                            
              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                            

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A bearded guard of Chardanum is here 38k
A bearded lizardman lieutenant enjoying the water 105k lizardman
A bearded lizardman slave, tail chained to a leg 3.1k
A beautiful, dark skinned servant maid is cleaning the hallway 2.8k human
A beautiful slave sitting in the Lord Veci's lap 5k - 10k good
A beautiful slave woman feeding the lord Veci 4k
A beautiful woman looks at you with open arms 114k - 119k half-elf
A begrieved scribe 8.5k
A blind snake charmer is playing his flute to a cobra 1.7k human
A blonde human girl is here, chained from neck 3.1k
A blue scarred dragon 344k
A catfolk guardian 32k
A chubby old keeper of the lighthouse 40k
A chubby raven is pulling worms from the ground 636
A confident satyr beggar is making his living 13k
A corporal, a brass horn hanging around the neck 64k - 101k
A cute chinchilla 1k
A dark haired ogre sentry, armed with a spear and a shield
A deck boy, lazily laying on the tackle 30k
A dehydrated slave 5k
A dirty alleycat 9,6k
A drunken, scarred officer is working here 163k
A duck miner, trying to get rid of the chains 27k
A dwarf healer is ready to examine you 58k dwarf
A fat, almost naked mariner laying on the hammock 51k
A fat and angry raven stomping around in craze 1k
A fat cat with blue ribbon around the neck
A fat chef cooking something on the stove 78k - 85k
A fat merchant sells furs, fabrics and slaves here 60k
A fat old mariner, sitting on the bowsprit 67k
A fearsome harpy griffon yes
A finely clad officer 269k - 321k human
A foreign merchant 16k
A fresh and eager officer is working here
A fresh and energetic officer is working here
A furious lion's cub 66k evil
A furry troll guard with blurry gaze 86k
A gorgeous slave girl oiling the feet of the lord Veci 11k
A grim guard of Chardanum is here 24k
A grim guard of Chardanum lounges here 23k
A grim man called Jostein is standing behind the bar 79k - 104k human
A grinning slave master 71k
A group leader is loafing and killing time here
A grubby old man is taking care of distilling apparatus 6.6k human
A hairy cook 15k
A happy looking dwarf 200k - 254k dwarf
A hard working slave 6k
A hardened human soldier is here, looking alert
A hobbit man baking delicacies 42k
A horrible two beaked eagle called Kee-kee 105k
A huge glittering blue dragon with a black leather harness 314k - 335k dragon
A huge orange-green fish, swimming in a barrel 5.3k - 6.2k
A huge smelly jackal 15k dog
A hungry customer is sitting at the table next to the bar 28k - 45k human
A kobold ragamuffin tries to be invisible 1.5k
A large cobalt green dragon with a forked tail 705k
A large rope golem 29k - 37k
A male slave is keeping watch 7k
A male slave is napping here 6k
A male slave is relaxing here 7k
A male slave is slacking here 5k
A middle-aged, dark skinned man 3.9k - 4.8k
A monkey 4.1k monkey
A mountain of flesh called madam Phat 102k human
A mummified cat called Kis-kis (undead) 51k evil
A muscular and oily slave holding a leaf from a palmtree, fanning apathetically 18k
A muscular irrigation worker 14k
A muscular wolfman bodyguard looks vigilant
A nasty dragolich known as 'Tulareg' (undead) 309k
A playful young troll boy with green pants 6.7k troll
A pretty elf girl is here, chained from neck 801
A pretty kitten 735
A proud palace guard 9k
A raven is eating seeds 619
A raven jumping around 987
A red-haired cromagnon girl is here, chained from neckv 1.1k
A red-haired elf girl is here, chained from neck 1.8k
A red haired human sentry, armed with a spear and a shield
A robed lizardman stares at the walls absently 64k - 83k lizardman
A robust catfolk soldier is here, looking alert
A robust guard of Chardanum is here 26k
A rough ogre soldier is here, looking alert
A scarred dwarf sentry, armed with a spear and a shield
A sergeant, a brass horn hanging around the neck
A sergeant is loafing and killing time here
A serving girl 3k human
A shiny lizardman slave, tail chained to a leg 6.1k
A shy looking gateguard 2k - 5.3k
A shy woman is standing here sobbing miserably 7.5k
A skinny man ploughing the field 4k
A slave is eating the wheat 3k
A slimy amoeba yes
A sparse-toothed, sharp looking spearman 18k
A spotty and dirty pig is running wild 2k
A strong cromagnon soldier is here, looking alert
A strong guard 113k wolfman
A strubbly dog chasing its own tail 4.1k
A sturdy guard of Chardanum harbour is on call here 34k
A sturdy wolfman sentry, armed with a spear and a shield
A sturdy wolfman soldier is here, looking alert
A sulking young troll boy with red pants 4.6k troll
A sympathetic hippo is swimming in the river. 6.5k - 12k no
A tall skinny man 321k - 476k
A tall woman dressed in leather 18k - 24k
A templar in a heavy armour is keeping guard here 165k - 209k
A templar in a heavy armour is on a mission 101k
A templar of Faerwon is guarding the western doorway 140k good
A temple guard 18k - 34k
A thin, dark skinned man 3.4k
A tired swineherd searching around 19k
A translucent being with a suffering face (undead) 12k
A ugly alleycat 8.9k
A very dark skinned young boy 22k
A vicious watchdog lying on the ground 5k dog
A visiting merchant examines the surroundings
A vivid barsoomian kid is playing here 4.9k
A watchdog guarding the tent 11k - 18k evil
A working slave 8k
A young and self-important officer is working here 167k
A young blonde girl sitting on the table 25k - 32k
A young boy, helping the chef 8k
A young crocodile yes
A young girl, sitting on the rim of the ship 13k
A young woman dressed in pink laces 25k
An abominable hag is doing some cooking here 16k human
An angry orc rages aggressively 2.8k - 3.1k
An apathetic ox holding its head low 9k
An elaborate upstart 2.8k human
An elite guard standing firmly in position 142k human
An evilly smiling slave master 69k - 90k yes
An ogre enslaver is drooling here 24k
An old farmer's wife 535
An old fisherman 4k
An old frail gray wolf with gleaming red eyes 80k wolf
Angvert Engst, the lone astrologist of the valley
Asharu, the everfighting demon ~600-700k
Assan the Gnome magi
Bahk, the retired cyclops war hero runs the bar
Brother Ranej is ready to do some examinations 64k
Captain Matchstick, aka Jurgen the impaler 538k - 601k
Cruzztus, the valley embalmer
Father Okmef is here, looking concerned 311k
Gunnar the blond minotaur 60-70k
His highness, lord Veci 17k - 32k a bit good
Hookheh, the queen schemes another stately plot 66k
Imas Sunshadow, personal Efriiti servant 76k no
Ja-maan the Human is here, acting weirdly human
Kaptah, a single eyed adventurer woos the princess 54k
Killusia, the mistress of pain and misery 422k - 442k demon
Lady Bu'doar, marquise's companion human
Liscom, the master of the tower 232k human good
Mama troll, cleaning the kitchen 17k - 35k troll no
Marquis L'epaul Droite, world's best fencer, horseback rider and humble gentleman 300k human bit good
Max Kuttersborough 36k
Metuh, the old of the tribe 26k
Mother Cherilia, the prioress 142k - 157k human
Mumm-Rah, the devoted wolfman mummy guard (undead) 130k - 150k
Mumm-y-ion, the grim mummy guard (undead) 74k
N'banai, a black lizardman 65k
Neverevernever, the cute Cromagnon girl(stupid)
Papa Eff Eff 31k
Paul 'Cod' Paulson, old plump fisherman 27k - 31k
Pliet, captain of harbour guard 123k
Saleh, the elder of the tribe 30k
Semom, the eldest of the tribe glows faintly 57k
Sesmar IV, the king of the valley 83k - 108k human
Sishil'ishk, old, black lizardman slave, tail chained to leg 1.6k
Sister Satisfacta is here, beaming with vitality 77k good
Taipei is sitting here and watching the flowers grow 54k - 57k human no
The brickmaker 10k no
The confused monk, now known as 'Do pai zeng'
The disgusting mummy of her royal highness, queen Mu-Mme (undead) 211k mummy evil
The gorgeous mummy of queen Sel-Eh-Naa (undead) 280k
The immortal spiritform of King Thutmose III (undead)
The mummified body of King Thutmose III (undead)
The rotting corpse of her royal highness, queen Te-Mme (undead) 98k
The rotting corpse of his royal highness, king Bu-Mme (undead) 125k
The spirit of the endless sorrow (undead) 1.10M
Thomas Schmuck, the mute pirate 63k
Trullala the weird daughter is skipping around here 11k human
Yani, papa troll 86k troll
You could almost stumble over Tsstss the chameleon 829
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