A glimmering black spiked o-yoroi

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a glimmering black spiked o-yoroi <red glow>
This o-yoroi has a real demonic look to it, because of the mean looking spikes it has. The armour looks like if it is made of an array of precious stones, but the main colour is extremely dark green, closer to black.
Armour type: o-yoroi
Stats: +dam
It looks Heavy (4.860 kg)
Sacvalue: 48k
It is called 'o-yoroi', 'glimmering o-yoroi', 'black o-yoroi', 'spiked o-yoroi', 'black spiked o-yoroi', 'glimmering black spiked o-yoroi' and 'glimmering black o-yoroi'
It takes the following slots: Torso, legs & arms
Made of: 40% onyx, 60% glass
Size: very large
Quality: great
From: a nasty looking demon brute on guard duty, Faerie Forest