A gold laminated dragonscale bracelet

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The gold laminated dragonscale bracelet is highly ornamental. Besides looking beautiful the bracelet probably offers more protection than you could wish for.
It contains a tale;
This bracelet has a high fasion value among warriors. Quoting the ghost of dwarven warrior Brummur, 'Aye, I lost the battle. But at least I looked good.'
Armour type: Bracelet
Stats: +3 con, +slightly general protection
It looks very light weight (0.2 kg)
Sacvalue: 145k
It is called 'dragonscale bracelet', 'gold laminated bracelet', 'gold laminated dragonscale bracelet' and 'bracelet'
It takes the following slot: Bracelet
Made of: 20% gold, 80% dragonscale
Size: extremely small
Quality: superb
From: Hack
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