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Also known as Moria
General description:
Location on Rothikgen:
(whereami: 313x, 324y)
Southern part
Coder: Runeaxe<analytics uacct="UA-3466433-3" ></analytics>
Size (in rooms):
Map of the area:
History: Was closed for several years, was supposed to be recoded but since Runeaxe had been inactive, he decided to put the area back in game in its original form on 13th April 2010.

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A baby black dragon 32k dragon
A baby shimmering dragon
A baby silver dragon
A beautiful earth hound
A big blue bouncy jabberwock
A black pudding 12k Neutral
A blue potion 26k
A brilliant form, a light hound
A burly hobgoblin trying to look menacing
A cave spider 2k spider
A cockatrice, one of the most venomous creatures in existance 18k basilisk Neutral
A cold hound freezes your breath in the air 6.5k
A dark drow dwelling in shadows 14k Evil
A dark hooded rogue 18k
A deceitful disenchanter eye 18k eye_thing
A deceitful doppelganger
A fire giant booming loudly
A fire hound
A firm flesh golem 16k
A fleshy floating ball with numerous eyes 31k
A frost giant frowning at you
A gargantuan balrog devastating in its presence
A gelatinous cube 6.4k
A giant rat 1.6k
A golden ring 19k something
A great lich, spreading its profanity (undead)
A green slime 4.9k
A hateful orc
A hideous lady with hair of serpents 24k
A hill giant infuriated
A hill orc 21k orc
A humangous cyclops munching on a sheep
A hunting ogre
A large hound shaped by electricity 3.5k
A mindflayer fluttering his tentacles 22k Neutral
A mineral box
A pale white hound with glowing yellow eyes
A pitch black unicorn 27k Evil
A pulsing nexus hound
A quivering blob 5k slimy creature
A rabid rat 353
A repugnant cave troll
A repulsive rock troll
A robust flesh golem
A robust iron golem
A robust ogre
A seducing incubus 27k Evil
A seducing succubus 26k demon
A sewer rat 702
A shape of a hound enveloped in darkness
A silent wraith (undead)
A silver ring 21k
A slender seductive vampire (undead)
A small green gremlin 768 - 842 gremlin
A small pitiful kobold 936
A smelly water hound
A stone giant booming loudly
A storm giant standing tall
A strong gold golem neutral
A sturdy umber hulk
A time hound
A troll skeleton (undead)
A vibration hound
A wicked manipulative gnoll
An acid blob 3.5k slimy creature Neutral
An aggressive air elemental
An aggressive earth elemental
An aggressive water elemental
An air hound sucking surrounding air causing vacuum
An arch lich, here to bestow you your death (undead)
An arch lich, shrouded by dusk (undead)
An immense armoured form veiled in shadows, a nazgul (undead)
An obnoxious cave troll
An ogre skeleton (undead)
An uruk-hai orc
Castrobark, beastly manticore, hound lord 200k
Deacin qi Wantax the devil, worshipping death
Dribblewick, gnoll entrepreneur
Fork'Attla the burning angel, burning with fury
Frean Wantax the great troll, corrupt to the core 70k
Grall Grimstone, veteran dwarven warrior good
Tribblewick, shrewd gnoll merchant
Wrex'Mallorn the demon duke, messenger of doom
Zon'Meh the powerful ogre, boiling in frenzy
Zriel kha Tooth the vicious manticore, burning with fury
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