A golden belt of self awareness

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This golden belt has had many and powerful owners. As the ancient rhyme of Urala says the creator of the belt was the semi-goddess Injala. But it was given as a gift to Urala after the battle of Húnrak. As the story continues Urala's daughter Trana looses it when she encounters the evil dragon Arathrua. Arathrua flies away thru a dimension crack and is gone as the belt. Trana survives but swears to retrive the belt, but doesn't succeed in her lifetime. Rumours says that she still walks on the realm of Batmud. And now you posses it.
Armour type: Girdle
Stats: Infravision & chant alajni alajni for instant, sp free aura detection on yourself.
It looks A bit heavy (3,1 kg)
Sacvalue: 683
It is called a belt and identified as 'golden belt', 'belt' and 'small belt'
It takes the following slot: Belt
Made of: gold
Size: small
Quality: great
From: Inra at Horsehead mountain