A golden pendant inscribed with a symbol of Aeo

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You look in amazement at this masterful piece of triangularly-shaped golden pendant which truly shows great workmanship. Its golden surface is a smooth one indeed and glitters with a faint purple glow. At the center of the pendant there is a symbol of Aeo engraved deep in the surface and it seems to be the origin of the purplish glow, a glow of power.
Armour type: pendant
Stats: +4 Spr
It looks A bit heavy (3.070 kg)
Sacvalue: 831k - 927k
It is called a golden pendant and identified as 'pendant' and 'golden pendant'
It takes the following slot: Amulet
Made of: gold
Size: very small
Quality: divine
From: Ethereal Hellion, Temple of the Twisted Prophecies