A heavy purple cloak with silvery insignia

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a heavy purple cloak with silvery insignia <red glow>
Faint, silvery embroideries embellish the edgings and the hemline of this long, flowing cloak. Also the back of the garment displays a silvery emblem of the leech Overlord Necorp. The cloak itself is hued deep in purple and it is very large - enough to wrap a person completely within it. The embroideries seem to be some sort of runes, although the language is alien. Nonetheless, they seem to contain forceful enchantments, for the very air around the cloak seems to twirl and blur.
It contains a tale;
Cloak of Mindcraft is said to be of the same type of garment that the leech priests and shamans tend to use. However, whereas their clothing is a heavy robe, this piece of clothing is made to be cloak-like, in order to allow the bearer wear more equpiment. The silvery wrtings on it have been woven by the leech Mindcrafter Necorp himself. They are runes of ancient leech-tongue, and are said be powerful symbols of psionics, allowing the wearer to fully harness his or her mental powers.
Armour type: Cloak
Stats: At least four different versions that have variable stats:
It looks Heavy (4,2 kg)
Sacvalue: 240k (+PS & +QC) - 811k (+PC & +Int)
It is called Cloak of Mindcraft and identified as 'cloak', 'heavy cloak', 'purple cloak', 'cloak of mindcraft' and 'heavy purple cloak'
It takes the following slot: Cloak
Made of: cloth
Size: Missing size
Quality: great
From: Lord Necorp, Buckthorn Valley