A hefty halberd known as 'Deocide'

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A hefty halberd known as 'Deocide' <strongly caustic> <red glow>
The rough looking surface indicates low quality, but as you touch it you feel empowered and come to realize the high quality of the worksmanship. It is without any unnecessary ornaments and probably handles awesomely in battle.
It contains a tale;
The halberd was once wielded by the wicked Lear Rotth. Often used to discipline his undeads it earned a fearsome reputation. Rotth was so attached to the weapon he even gave it a name.. 'Deocide'.
Weapon type: halberd
Stats: +Hit & +Acid damage
It looks A bit heavy (3.9 kg)
Sacvalue: 1910k
It is called Deocide and identified as 'a hefty halberd known as 'deocide', 'deocide', 'halberd', 'hefty halberd' and 'a hefty halberd'
Made of alexandrite
Size: medium-sized
Quality: exceptional
From: Lear Rotth, Caverns of Chaos
Compares between: Nightfall and Xormor