Frosty three bladed halberd

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Frosty three bladed halberd <chilling> <red glow>
This halberd is made of some black metal which sucks warmth from you. The three blades of this weapon are all covered by frost and ice glitters on the shaft too. The shaft is about eight feet long and the blades add two more feet to the length of the weapon. Stab of this weapon must hurt.
Weapon type: Halberd
Stats: +4 Con, +cold damage & -hpr
It looks very heavy (15.8 kg)
Sacvalue: 710-790k
It is called xormor the soulfreezer and identified as 'halberd', 'three bladed halberd', 'frosty halberd', 'frosty three bladed halberd', 'soulfreezer' and 'xormor'
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: adamantium
Size: medium-sized
Quality: great
From: Xarithos, Misty Forest